Starting Up Marketing - Part 1: The Brand

You're starting a business and think you're ready to go. Stock is sorted, services at the ready - but what is your marketing plan?

Marketing is important for any start-up or small business as it's what helps allow for growth and brings customers to you.

Here are just a few things to consider from a marketing point of view.

Know your brand, but what is a brand? It seems an easy question to answer on the surface, but when delving slightly deeper - have you thought about what your brand says about what your company does?

A brand is a name, the logo, the colour scheme, the voice of the brand and so much more. These things should be considered when thinking of your brand.

A famous example of thought going into the setting-up of a brand would be Phil Knight, the creator of Nike. Knight was initially in the market of trying to create running shoes when the term Nike was brought up brainstorming ideas for the company name. Nike is Greek mythology is the Goddess of Speed, and the logo with the famous swoosh/tick represents things being done/completed - like finishing races. A positive symbol to invoke a positive reaction.

When thinking of your company name - think of what it means to you, and your customers. Smaller businesses with local clientele often do well with regionalized names, and national/international companies tend to do better with a unique sounding name.

This is to done for multiple reasons including feeling closer clients, informing potential clients of service areas, to help give-off the 'local business' feel, but from a digital marketing point-of-view - the SEO with a company name like that helps....

...but I'll look at digital marketing another time.

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