Marketing is Everywhere

All companies do it. As a result of marketing, you're reading this right now. You might not realize you do it, but a lot of things in life come down to marketing and how well you do it.

There are people in life who believe they do not fall for marketing 'tricks' or 'ploys', and more power to them - but they also probably don't realize that whilst they might not be influenced in materialistic or luxury goods through marketing, essential goods might get them instead.

Take a look around you. The device you're using right now - the reason you chose to get that is most likely a result of the manufacturer's marketing efforts to tell you how that is the phone for you. The network the device is on, whilst functional and a necessity for running a mobile device - most likely a result of marketing of offers from the network supplier.

  • Homes - most likely come from the marketing of estate agents and property developers.

  • Cars - how did you find the best deal on it? Through the marketing efforts of the dealership.

  • Jobs - normally gained from the companies marketing roles to the right audiences.

You can look at almost anything around you and trackback to where the marketing chain probably began. Even with some goods or services where they are partially or fully insourced or outsourced to complete a transaction (e.g. electronics insourcing components or services being outsourced by a company), those companies would have had to market themselves to another company and might not even get part of the recognition in the grander scheme of things.

Marketing is everywhere and whilst it may not be the first thing that comes to mind almost wherever you look, it almost certainly is wherever you look.

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