Marketing for National Lockdown 2

As England prepares for a one-month national lockdown through the month of November, going into December - the government has ordered 'non-essential' businesses to close during this period which could massively affect revenue and operations of these businesses.

With the high-street taking another hit - what methods of marketing and services could help businesses through this period and even be incorporated into future business plans?

'Non-essential' shops are being told to close for National Lockdown 2, which means sellers of items that essentially are not food or drink are not to open. With a lot of people set to spend a lot of time in front of their computers and mobiles - social media marketing will be booming.

Finding a custom audience and profile for customers on social media is a great opportunity to keep products and services in front of current customers as well as new ones - especially ahead of the Christmas rush. Other promotional ideas to consider too if looking for ideas for campaigns is 'Black Friday' which is often one of the busiest shopping occasions of the year.

These two campaign ideas in mind - there is room for creative to showcase your goods or services to customers.

Whilst some companies can find it a struggle to handle orders online or might not be best equipped for it, e-commerce is a great way of keeping the business moving.

Companies who might not be looking at the selling of goods or even offer services that need to be completed in person (e.g. gyms, sports clubs, etc) - it is worth trying to look a content that can be put out during this month.

Look at campaigns and ideas that can be utilised for when National Lockdown 2 is over. Whilst December 2nd 2020 is the current pencilled date with the UK Government seemingly aiming for an as close to normal Christmas experience as possible - promotions and building anticipation for the return after the national lockdown can generate excitement amongst your customers/fanbase.

With that said - communication is vital - so whilst social media and website updates can do some work - an email with news and updates could do wonders. Having some weekly news, competitions and more can keep the brand in existing customers minds.

An example of a promotion idea for places of physical activity such as gyms and fitness centres - January and February are traditionally when offers come to light as they are the busiest months when it comes to people inside and signing up. Promoting a chance for existing clients to burn some calories ahead of Christmas or the upcoming rush is an idea, whilst a similar message could also go out to new customers. This could also allow interest to be sparked online and then seen to after the National Lockdown ends.

In terms of content - home workout tips, eating and meal plans and simple recipes could be an easy win in this section as well as building up a stronger relationship with those on the database.

One last suggestion would be for the larger companies. As England prepares to be majority homebound in November - there will be a lot of content to consume with TV numbers expected to be high. Whilst not everyone can do a TV advert - Sky AdSmart is a nice way of getting in front of potential customers.

It allows you to work with Sky to profile an audience that might be your demographic and allows Sky to put your TV advert in front of that audience during the breaks of Live TV and recorded too. I have personally seen car companies and gyms use this service to appeal to audiences in certain areas and it can be very effective.

Whilst the whole country is going to be impacted by the National Lockdown in some manner - these are just a few marketing ideas for businesses in what has already been a very trying year for the economy and individuals.

To discuss marketing ideas for your company and how Capital Marketer can assist in any marketing operations - get in touch with us today.

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